Are you signing up for FMANZ membership as an individual OR are you signing up yourself and your staff with a Corporate Membership?

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This person will be responsible for your organisation's membership and voting rights and any communication about your FMANZ Corporate membership.

The information requested below will be placed on the FMANZ website's Corporate Listing. Please either complete the information or click 'I do not want the company listed on the FMANZ website'
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Please provide information of staff members who are to be listed under your Corporate membership as Corporate Staff members. They will receive FMANZ correspondence and will be able to attend events. Each person you nominate will be contacted and they will need to consent, in writing, to becoming a member of FMANZ. Once they consent we will process their Corporate Staff Membership.

Note: Each Corporate member may send up to {{ eventStaffCount() }} representatives to any member event and receive member rates for Professional Development and FM Summit registrations for {{ eventStaffCount() }} representatives.
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* Please select the membership category you wish to sign up for. The category you choose will reflect your experience, knowledge, qualifications and skills. Click here to see a full list of benefits for each membership category, and information on eligibility requirements.

(NOTE: You may need to provide evidence to support your application which may include your CV, proof of qualifications, etc. Please have these handy. Assessment is required for all categories except Affiliate.)

Entry level grade. Suitable for newcomers to FM, suppliers working within the industry, or anyone with an interest in FM. Previous experience in facilities management is not required. No assessment needed.

Two years facilities management experience at non-managerial level.
One year FM experience and FM-related qualification at NZQA Level 4.

You will need to provide your CV and proof of qualifications.
Assessment required.
Three years management plus two years FM experience and NZQA L5 Diploma or at least one year managerial and one year FM experience and NZQA L6 Degree.
Three years management plus two years FM experience plus FM Qualifications or NZQA qualifications as per criteria set by FMANZ.
Three years management plus two years FM experience and other relevant qualifications.
Three years management plus five years FM experience.
You will need to provide your CV, proof of educational qualifications and your job/role description.
Assessment required.

This is the highest level of membership and will require an additional assessment and interview to demonstrate you have the experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications required for certified accreditation based on the FMANZ Professional Competencies Framework.

An email will be sent to you with all the information you require to complete your submission.

Please attach your CV and/or proof of qualifications here
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Student membership is open to any full-time secondary or tertiary student with an interest in facilities management as a possible career. Evidence of full-time study is required. No assessment is required.

Graduate membership is open to any individual member who has completed a degree or diploma programme at a recognised tertiary and are within the first two years of an FM career. Proof of completion of studies must be provided.

Please attach your proof of qualifications here
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Retired members must be over 65 and retired from work. No assessment is required.

* I declare that the information contained in my CV and all supporting documents is a complete, true and accurate record of my experience and qualifications.
Please fill in the form & select an assessment level prior to payment. Please fill in the form prior to payment.
Membership Fee: ${{ form.payment.price }} + GST
  • Payment by Credit Card: a fee will be charged by Stripe in addition to the membership fee.
  • Payment by Invoice: payment is required on the 20th of the month following the date of issue or any date prior to the 20th of the month.
You will be emailed an invoice with payment options for credit card or electronic funds transfer.
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Payment successful. Please submit your application.